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Office Leisure Footrest Adjustable Height

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Brand Name: YOSOOPackage: YesType: LapdesksType1: office footrestType2: foot rest officeType3: ergonomic footrestType4: footrest adjustable officeType5: reposapies oficinaType6: adjustable foot restType7: reposa pies oficinaType8: reposapies oficina graduable
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Ergonomic Comfortable Healthy Multi-function Office Foot Rest Leisure Footrest Adjustable Height 


Ergonomics, caring for your back, legs and cervical spine. 80% of people complain about back pain during their lifetime. Working in front of a computer for a long time, without proper back support, will increase the fatigue of the lumbar spine. Unreasonable keyboard and table heights can cause health problems in the shoulders, arms and cervical spine. Similarly, if you work in an uncomfortable office environment, such as an inappropriate seat display angle, there are many health problems.


  • Ergonomics design, caring for your back, legs and cervical spine.
  • With its unique function, flexible and variable swing angle, increase support for the legs, relieve muscle pressure, increase blood circulation, thereby reducing fatigue in the legs, and make your office life more comfortable and healthy.
  • The front and rear swings are 36°, adjustable height and tightness.
  • Made of impact-resistant polystyrene material for durability.
  • Nice gift for your families and friends.

Package Weight: approx. 1658 g / 58.48 oz

Package list:
1 * Foot Pedal
2 * Mounting Plate
2 * Mounting Plate
1 * Instruction Manual

1. Avoid heavy falls
2. Avoid standing upright.

Are you working in the correct status? Please check the following 12 points.
   1. The eyes are parallel to the top of the display.
   2. The monitor and keyboard are located directly in front of the body.
   3. The working environment is clean and bright.
   4. The folder is parallel to the display and keyboard center.
   5. The keyboard tray can be adjusted at any angle.
   6. The wrist is flat.
   7. The hand and upper arm are close to the body, and the lower arm is parallel to the ground.
   8. Change the sitting position often.
   9. The seat can be moved flexibly and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted.
   10. The seat can be adjusted for height.
   11. The sole of the foot should have foot support to relieve leg pressure.
   12. The host is bound to the bottom of the desktop by the host, and can be adjusted before and after rotation, and people are not affected when they are active.


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