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63L Portable Concrete Mixer

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Small electric concrete mixer, small and exquisite, portable and efficient, can mix concrete, cement mortar, putty powder, can also be used in the pharmacy to stir the herbs, make food feed to feed fish and feed shrimp, etc.
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Electric Concrete Cement Mixer 2.5 Cu Ft Mortar Mixing Stucco Seeds Portable Barrow Machine

The small concrete mixer/electric mortar/feed/cement mixer has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing time and low energy consumption, suitable for mixing dry hard, semi-dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete to meet the requirements of different working conditions. In particular, the machine uses thickened mixing drums and widened wheels to make the small concrete cement mixer more suitable for domestic high-strength construction. It adopts maintenance-free motor. The main machine has the advantages of cold resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and other advanced technology. The whole machine has convenient transportation, simple installation, labor saving, unrestricted construction place and construction weather, and can be obtained in winter and rainy days. Indoor or upstairs construction is especially suitable for use in cold areas in the northeast and rainy areas in the south or in high-rise buildings. It will not affect the construction regardless of the cold, heat and heavy rain, which will greatly improve your work efficiency.

Product parameters
Product parameters
Product parameters
Product parameters

1. Motor power

The motor power is 250W, which is the standard rated power of such small concrete mixers (after rigorous testing, the power is absolutely sufficient); 

If it is down, please check if it is caused by the following conditions:

(1) Too much loading (far more than two-thirds of the total capacity)

(2) Overheating of the motor for a long time

Since the motor itself has overload protection, please use the above reasons and then use it, there will be no downtime.

Concrete mixer
Concrete mixer

2. Agitating amount

 Regarding the stirring amount of the mixer, in general, the rated discharge of the mixer is one-half of the total volume of the drum; for the 230L mixer, for example, the rated discharge is 120L (the barrel is inclined by 45°), according to the concrete density (2.3 ~2.5kg / L) conversion is about 250 kg; if there is more concrete to stir, you can batch several times.

3. Time required for mixing

 The rotation speed of the mixing tank is 28~30 revolutions per minute. According to the proportion and amount of concrete, the stirring time is about 5 minutes.

Description of product:

Mobile Convenient Small cement mixer is a concrete mixer that can mix dry and hard, plastic, fluid, lightweight aggregates and other concrete and various mortars. The mixing drum is durable and easy to replace. It is suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized prefabricated components factories and various construction sites, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and other projects. The small mixer can be used with the dump truck and is an ideal machine for all kinds of construction sites.

The small cement mixer has reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, reliable work, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life of wearing parts.


1. Make the components uniform in macroscopic and microscopic

2. Destroy the phenomenon of cement particle agglomeration and promote the development of dispersion

3. Destruction of the initial hydrate film wrap on the surface of the cement particles

4. Promote collision friction between material particles and reduce the influence of dust film

5. Increase the number of movements of each unit of the mixing material and the crossover frequency of the motion trajectory to accelerate the homogenization

Scope of application:

Mixing of fertilizer, feed, cement, paste, dry powder, mortar, plaster, mortar, asphalt, powder, mud on concrete, concrete, farm and farm at small construction sites. 

Concrete mixer
Concrete mixer
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