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mens dress shoesmens dress shoes
mens dress shoes
mens dress shoes
mens dress shoes
mens dress shoes

Leather formal mens dress shoes

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Mens dress leather shoes have many advantages, such as excellent elasticity and toughness, good air permeability and comfortable and soft wearing.
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Leather shoes are made into leather with the skin of animals. The reason why they are soft is that their principle is similar to that of sponge. The fundamental reason is that when leather is made, grease is introduced into the interior of animal skin to form the oil film that covers the fiber surface in the skin comprehensively, which is separated by a layer of oil film between the fiber surface in the skin.Excellent pair of shoes. Very impressed with the quality of the leather and design.

In this way, between the inner fibers of the leather, there will be spongelike pores (small, of course, and not as regular as sponges) that can slide with each other. When the oil film reaches a suitable thickness, the friction between the inner fibers of the leather is equivalent to the friction of the oil molecules, so the leather will be soft and comfortable to wear, so leather shoes are preferred to protect the feet

The sizes is 38-44, it refers to your feet size.

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