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mens slip on
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Mens Slip On House Shoe with Soft Fuzzy Liner

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Synthetic sole
Close-Toe Scuff Slippers Allowed the Wearer Easy Slide on and off the Foot.
Ultra Soft Waffle Fabric for Upper, Cool and Dry Fit Lining.
Non Slip Lightweight Outsole with Moderate Thickness, Stepping Silently in Your Bedroom.
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Synthetic sole
Close-Toe Scuff Slippers Allowed the Wearer Easy Slide on and off the Foot.
Ultra Soft Waffle Fabric for Upper, Cool and Dry Fit Lining.
Non Slip Lightweight Outsole with Moderate Thickness, Stepping Silently in Your Bedroom.
The Casual Scuff Design Can be Worn Year-round While Running Errands and Will Keep the Wearer Both Warm and Cool.
Care Easily & Size Options: Machine or Hand Wash Available. If Your Are Thick or Long Feet, Please Order a Size up for a Relaxed Fit(A Size Info in the Following Product Description)
What wear is a kind of idle fine mood, relaxed life, temporarily forget the nervous pace of the city, slowly walking, experiencing life. Just to slow down the hurried pace. If you have a cut on your foot, it's best to wear slippers, as all-inclusive shoes can make the upper wet and the wound difficult to heal. So do people with beriberi.
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